Guidance officer


Guidance Officers are experienced registered teachers who hold a Masters of Education, Guidance and Counselling, enabling them to provide a wide range of high – quality support to schools. Guidance Officers also undergo training in other area such as behaviour management, grief counselling, mental health issues, student learning, career development and at Aviation High School liaison with the Australian Defence Force – recruiting and work experience.

Guidance Officers work as part of the school support team including Wellbeing Leaders, Chaplain, School Based Youth Health Nurse, Head of Department Senior Schooling.

Guidance Officers also work closely with the administration team and school staff, including the access and inclusion staff, to ensure that the wellbeing of students is met.

Guidance Officers work directly with students and all relevant stakeholders (parents/carers, teaching staff, administration, outside agencies (eg Child Youth Mental Health Service, Headspace), psychologists, therapists, Department of Child Safety and much more.

Where students have multiple or complex needs, Guidance Officers work as part of the multi-disciplinary support staff and agencies to ensure that a co-ordinated and evidence based approach is used to meet student needs.

Aviation High School has a full time Guidance Officer (Alison McFarlane) who is on campus Monday – Friday. The Guidance Officer is located in C Block.

Students are able to make appointments to access the guidance service via the school office, directly with the Guidance Officer in C Block or requesting an appointment via the appointment request box on the veranda outside of the GO room.

Parents/carers are welcome to make appointments via the school office or directly with the Guidance Officer.

The Guidance Officer can be contacted through the school office 3637 0111 or

Guidance Officers offer a confidential service to all students, where information is kept confidential except when there is a significant risk of harm. This is a requirement of Education Qld as well as meeting legislative requirements.

If students wish to speak to an agency outside of the school, the Guidance Officer is able to on refer to the most appropriate services.

Services offered by the Guidance Officer include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental health including anxiety and depression
  • Consulting with families and students around mental health concerns, refer to appropriate services, continued liaison with agencies to support students at school
  • Family issues
  • Supporting independent students
  • Short term counselling and case management
  • Accessing community services
  • Individual student support
  • Behaviour problems
  • Building social skills
  • Managing relationships and friendships
  • Career advice
  • Guidance and support in the SETP process
  • Learning engagement and academic performance
  • Study skills to optimise access and engagement in education
  • QTAC applications, liaising with universities
  • Australian Defence Force

Guidance Officers in schools assist students and their caregivers with all aspects of student learning, welfare and future planning.

The Guidance Officer is available to help with many issues such as personal problems, concerns about school, friendships and conflict resolution, study plans, subject selection, special consideration, career planning and QTAC applications. If you would prefer to speak to someone outside of the school the Guidance Officer is able to refer you to the most appropriate resource.

At Aviation High the Welfare Program, Students with Disability and Learning Support are also under the role of the Guidance Officer. Any concerns in relation to these areas can be addressed through the Guidance Officer. 

The Guidance Officer is located in C Block. Students and caregivers are welcome to make appointments.

Students can make appointments by using the appointment book in the office. Parents and carers can make appointments by ringing the school 3637 0111 or by email

Last reviewed 29 January 2020
Last updated 29 January 2020