Principal’s welcome


“Pursue Excellence”

Aviation High School is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for students and staff, where students from years 7 to 12 have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of their lifelong wellbeing. 

Opened in 2007, Aviation High School was established to provide direct pathways for students seeking careers in the aviation and aerospace industries in Queensland. The Senior school curriculum at Aviation High School is supported by our School of Excellence in Aerospace and Aviation and provides wonderful opportunities for students. The Aerospace context has now grown to the extent that the school has structured a new faculty, led by a separate Head of Department, to cater for those students who wish to pursue careers in the industry.  

With the introduction of the national curriculum the school is now delivering that same quality education across all Key Learning Areas to all students, whatever their aspirations. 

With just over 500 students, 45 teaching staff, this quality secondary school is proudly creating traditions of a school of excellence in the academic and aerospace arenas.   

We are very proud of our students and their achievements: 

  • ​89% of students – OP 1-15 
  • 40% of students – OP 1-10
  • 100% of students receiving a QCE/OP and or VET qualification
  • 100% students receiving a Queensland Certificate of Education  

These results are enhanced by our quality Junior Secondary education, indicated by our NAPLAN results being above or similar to the national mean in all areas. 

At Aviation High School, our unrelenting focus on student learning and improvement will continue into the future with three priorities identified and planned for:  

  • ​Literacy and Numeracy  
  • Explicit Teaching – evidence-based teaching strategies  
  • A Culture that promotes High Expectations 

Students can gain an Overall Position (OP), a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and VET qualifications while at school. We offer a wide range of senior subjects, both Authority and Authority Registered, with our specialized programs being; Aerospace Studies (Authority subject Aeroskills (Certificate II in Manufacturing); Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Certificate II), articulating into completion of the full Certificate IV following year 12). Many students choose to take up a school based traineeship or apprenticeship while enrolled at Aviation High School. 

The school's facilities include an Aeroskills and Aeronautics Trade Training Centre, a wind tunnel, Flight Simulator Centre, radio room, an aircraft themed catering facility as well as aircraft control systems and physics laboratories. 

Aviation High School offers many opportunities for students to be active participants through cultural, sporting and academic pursuits. It is through these extra-curricular pursuits that students develop a deeper connection to our school. In 2019 some of the ways students can be active participants in the life of our college include:   

  • ​Academic competitions including ICAS Mathematics and Science Competitions, National Chemical Quiz, RACI Titration Competition, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Competition, Australian Youth Rocketry competition
  • Student tutorial program
  • Instrumental Music program
  • Arts Festival
  • Student Council  
  • Sport: Tuesday years 7-9 and Wednesday years 10-12 interschool competition 
  • School trips – NASA Science trip to the USA and a European Battle Fields tour over the Easter holidays. 

Aviation High School believes that strong relationships are at the core of all success.  

We value input from parents and believe that the stronger the relationship between the school, the home and the student, the more likely students will succeed. These relationships within our school will be enhanced with the continuation of the Welfare Program for all year levels from 7 to 12. 

Looking forward to meeting you. 

Your Partner in Education,  

David Munn
Principal, Aviation High School​​​​​​​​​

Last reviewed 14 March 2019
Last updated 14 March 2019